Thursday, October 23, 2014

Topic of the Week: Music for Writing.

How many times have you gone to sit down but stare at the page in front of you, wishing to write? What do you do to get the creativity flowing? Are you a musically-inspired writer? What type of music do you listen to? Do you listen to old-school, modern or vinyl? Do you listen to individual songs and their lyrics or do you listen to movie soundtracks? What about opera and relaxation music? Or do you prefer the natural soundtrack provided by nature? Do you enjoy silence?
Personally, I do believe this would be best as a discussion topic, so feel free to join in below in the comments section. Writers, readers, artists, school students, retirees... I accept the opinions of all and more. What do you like listening to?
For me, it does vary. I wrote Glass Bones in 2008. I wrote it with the intention of it becoming the sort of book that interested me at the time, mostly because I was obsessed with vampires at the time. Nowadays that obsession is no more, so it feels a little embarrassing to admit it to my friends. A lot of people I know won't read my book simply because it incorporates hellish creatures or the scenes that may frighten them.
Glass Bones was inspired by a soundtrack I created that listed all the songs that were on my laptop at the time, and those were the songs I listened to most. I was on holiday at the beach for two weeks so my music was either switched off or combined with the sounds of the waves crashing in the distance.
In present-day, my attitude has changed. I either do not listen to anything, or I listen to natural sounds such as the ocean crashing via YouTube videos. Now I can't listen to anything musical or lyrical as it just distracts me.
Ice was completed in May 2014 and released that same month. With it, I incorporated a series of about twenty songs that combined my old playlist with new songs I stumble across on YouTube. If I do listen to music these days, they're usually either up-and-coming artists or completely unknown YouTube artists who I've followed from day 1 of their YouTube careers and then either made it big time - e.g. Ellie Goulding & Gabrielle Aplin - or are still making their way up the ladder - e.g. LIGHTS & Lewis Watson.
Frost is the first book I've managed to write almost purely using silence or sounds of nature on YouTube. I think it is coming out smoother because of this, not being manipulated by pulsing bass lines or half-screaming vocalists. I find I am rid of writer's block faster, language and description more fluent and poetic like I used to write before a year and a half of complete writer's block. I find that it's easier to remain focused with nature sounds.
Now this is relatively short. Like many occasions, I've run out of things I was going to say and thought there would be more. But this is where you guys, my lovely readers, come in and let me know what you think. Comment below and get a discussion flowing. Have a lovely day all!

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