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NaNoWriMo 2014 & Why I'm Changing What Novel I Write

It's almost that time of year. Hundreds and thousands of writers from all around the world anticipate November 1 like it's a celebration to rival birthdays and anniversaries, Christmas and Easter. It's the day that I'm surprised the cacophony caused by the sounds of typing and pens scratching aren't able to be heard from space. The day that imagination flourishes. It's basically what I now consider to be Imagination Month, although I just made that up.
Every year, writers internationally anticipate the same day on their calendar: November 1. Because from November 1-30 is when they will challenge themselves. They will have blood, sweat and tears and their characters will be given the opportunity to come alive. It's the time when the world gains hundreds and thousands of new works to enjoy.
Yet many do not make the 50,000+ word goal - and that's okay! Why? Because even committing to the challenge and not fully realising it in the end is enough cause for celebration. It's a step closer to succeeding in the future. It's when you go back, review what went right and what went wrong and you fix it. It's when you say, 'I'll give it another go next year by implementing these strategies ...'
In 2013 I decided to give the challenge a go. It was my second year of complete writer's block, I was ill with glandular fever which in turn made my depression worse. My grades plummeted and I was told that I needed more classes to be given the opportunity to go to University - but it was too late. I finished most of my High School Certificate exams by the time November rolled around and I thought to myself, 'I'm going to do this!'
Illusion was the title of the book I wrote and I anticipated it to be the first of a trilogy. I've barely touched it ever since and most people don't know about it altogether. But it's hiding away in Amazon as an eBook for 0.99USD for those who wish to track it down. From memory, it's for sale under the name M Watson rather than MS Watson.
Getting back to the point...
I managed to get over all of my obstacles during NaNoWriMo 2013. I surprised myself. In the final week I did a mass write-in of 10,000 words as that was how many I was behind by. I made the deadline on the final day. I couldn't believe it. I had got past my writer's block, the depression, the lack of creativity, imagination and motivation. I had blocked out the rest of the world for a month and was rewarded generously.
As for NaNoWriMo 2014?
Due to the hectic nature of November-December this year I will be barely home - but that doesn't mean I won't be writing. I will be travelling, spreading word of my books and helping my cousin move house. I will be going on holiday and travelling across the country in a flight on my lonesome.

So why am I changing what novel I'm writing?
This morning I woke up thinking of the dilemma caused by writing the first book of my Clarity duology as opposed to the final book of the Poseidon's Girls trilogy. I was faced with a few areas that didn't add up.

  • I wanted to have the Poseidon's Girls trilogy wrapped up before Christmas.
  • The first book of the Clarity duology isn't even coming out until 2015.
  • I didn't have a novel outline for the Clarity duology, a cover or even a title!
  • I did have a novel outline, release month, a cover and a title for Tempest.
  • If I wrote the Clarity duology, I wouldn't be able to write Tempest in time for its release approx. December 15.
  • I need a lot more time to focus on developing the world, story and characters of the Clarity duology.
These are the reasons I have decided to change to writing the final book of the Poseidon's Girls trilogy, Tempest. With the events of Frost fresh in my mind and Ice becoming a little blurry in my memory I decided now is the best time to write Tempest. If I don't neither Tempest nor the Clarity duology will be either released on time or fully developed to their best potential. So my decision is best for those who are fans of the Poseidon's Girls trilogy.
For those who were excited about the Clarity duology starting, I'm setting the first book for an approximate release of March 2015 due to financial hardship and needing to save money aside to purchase the ability to use images from for the book covers. But despite this, I will include below the details of the Clarity duology book #1 not only for the purpose as a teaser, but also as a reference for me to remember details for future reference. I hope that you're all excited as this will be my first outer space work and my first duology ever! If books were human and the Clarity duology was a baby, its parents would be the fae influence of the Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr x the outer space romance influence of the These Broken Stars trilogy by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner.

The Clarity Duology: Book #1

Author: M.S Watson
Genre: Young Adult


Book 1 of The Clarity Trilogy follows Ace O'Laughlin as he recovers gradually from the heartbreak of his father's death following contracting a lethal disease. Now Ace must join an initiative that will see to medically treating his family, and most importantly, his kid brother Severin who has now contracted the same disease. Ace must become ruthless to stay alive and save his brother - but what happens when his heart is claimed and what will he choose when he has to make an unthinkable sacrifice?
Title yet to be decided.

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