Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A HUGE Update, Freebies & More!

Woah, I wrote a list of things I've been wanting to talk about today and it's huge! Well, today-tonight. It's currently 12:06 AM and I'm currently going sleep deprived for the sake of the Poseidon's Girls trilogy. Hehe!
Okay. So, first thing's first:

2 More Days!
I feel like a little kid at Christmas time right about now. I am so unbelievably excited to announce the release of Frost. I've already got a number of pre-orders which I must say is a great feeling! Ooh, I just want to jump off the walls and all around the house, even though it's just past midnight! I cannot wait to have it out for you all to read. And don't forget to mark December 15 down in your diaries! December 15 is a very special day - it may be a pre-order day or it may be a release day. Who knows? Wink, wink.

Price change for Glass Bones Paperback!
For anyone who has been wanting to purchase the paperback version of Glass Bones but was scared away by the price tag will now be rejoicing as I have dropped the sale price as low as Lulu.com will let me! $20 AUD (approx. $17.68 USD) is how much it will set you back but I have a pile of copies here and I must say the quality is spot-on. It's completely worth it in my opinion - but then again, I'm entitled to being biased seeing as I'm the author and all.
I provide for you the direct linkage: here.

Ice paperback coming soon!
Currently I am working on the paperback version of Ice and I cannot wait to see it out! It will be available for approximately $10-20 AUD depending on material costs that I have yet to determine but as soon as that becomes available I will be posting it up on here for you all. So watch this space for more information as it becomes available! Depending on how finances run in the New Year I may even run a Goodreads giveaway for Ice in paperback.

Downloads in the tens of thousands!
I am in a complete and utter state of shock at the response to Ice this year. I do believe that even though the number of downloads listed in my sales report is a combined total of all my published books, I believe most is due to Ice. Glass Bones was released in December 2013, and while it has received a fair number of downloads, the total for 2013 stood at 8 and after a month of posting Glass Bones for free as a Christmas special, I received just over 100 downloads. In comparison Ice was released in May, 2014 and in a collective total I have had 11,379 downloads from iBookstore, 3 from Baker & Taylor Blio, 3 from Kobo, 8 from Page Foundry, 4 from Sony and 378 from Barnes and Noble Online. That makes a grand total of a whopping 11,775 downloads since May 2014! These are only the amount of downloads from Smashwords premium distributors and doesn't include the 1000+ that Ice has received on Smashwords itself since the date of release, 150 for Glass Bones and 6 pre-orders and/or sample downloads of Frost since the pre-order was made available just a few days ago! Oh. My. God. I think I will faint if this continues! I hope so!! (That it continues, I mean. Not the fainting part so much ...)

A new trailer for Tempest!
Over the past few days I've been sitting here, writing away and thought to myself, 'I wonder if I have a trailer for Tempest yet?' I thought I did but apparently not! So not much more than 24 hours ago I sat down at my computer, signed into Animoto and created the official trailer for Tempest. I LOVE it, but not as much as the new trailers I made for the Clarity duology - and those are exclusive content for my newsletter subscribers before anyone on my blogs, website, twitter, facebook or even my family or friends catch sight of it! So for anyone who wants to see this new Clarity trailer ASAP, join the mail list at the right-hand side of my blog. For now though, enjoy the official trailer for Tempest, 15.12.14.

Now for my final and most favourite part of my blog post:


Now I am aware that not everyone is financially blessed - I know, being one of them! As a self-published author I struggle to financially support my writing due to every day life and expenses, but I'm managing despite the odds. It pays off in the end, though. All of my success is due only to my readers and word of mouth (and maybe a little bit to do with the pretty covers, too...) Every blue moon I am able to put just a few dollars of my hard-earned money aside to cater for the costs associated with Fotolia.com's images. I purchase the images and from there I Photoshop additional lighting and text into the images, often relying on the effects from Pixlr.com and Picmonkey.com as I am not that handy with Photoshop. I am not rich. I use one of the most ancient versions of Photoshop going and even then I am not that great at it. Being a writer is not easy.
But moving on from my little ramble, I am proud of working up from the ground. I've got some pretty good achievements under my belt for simply trying my hardest. So what am I going to show for it?
The catch? Join my newsletter!
I'm aiming to build my fan base and to improve my writing. I am proud to be a self-published author and I gain my most prominent inspiration from the support of my fans. I understand and appreciate that not everyone will be able to afford the 0.99 USD that it'll cost for an e-Copy of Frost. I know that feeling. Or maybe, you're looking to save to put your money into a life's dream. A medical bill. A car registration. A child's school bills. I don't know what everyone's circumstances are, and while these everyday costs are a lot more than the cost of an e-Copy of Frost, every dollar counts. So in my newsletter I will be releasing a code that will enable every mail recipient a free eBook copy of Frost on the day of release. In addition, there will be exclusive information not included in my blog posts, special offers, future events, snippets and sneak peeks, exclusive never-before-seen trailers before their release on my blog and more!
Like the sound of freebies? Want a chance to download free stuff?
It's simple. Just head to the top of my blog and there will be a small box to the right where you can simply type in your email, send and then confirm your email address via an emailed link from Mail Chimp. Sign up by October 30 at 12 PM AEST (or your region's equivalent) and you will receive the one-day only offer plus any future freebies!

So as a final note for the evening, I am planning on switching off, pyjama-ing myself and hitting the hay. I've been putting the final touches on Frost, ready for its release on the final day of the month and making preparations for NaNoWriMo on the 1st of November. I am so excited and cannot believe how much is happening now! WOOOOO! Seriously though people, add yourself to the mail list and you'll get freebies whenever I have any to give away. Whoop whoop! Have a lovely night/day all, wherever in the world you may be.

M.S. Watson

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