Thursday, October 30, 2014

Free eBook, Skipping Newsletter & Computer Troubles

I am now contemplating dressing up as Shrek gone insane for Halloween because of my dang laptop! It is seriously less than 9 months old and working slower than my previous one (which has since pffted itself!) I am going to be taking the warranty with me and have a joyous little visit back to the store where I got it to see if they can help me out.
This. Is. So. Frustrating.
I am currently working through the technical difficulties but there may be some delays with some editing I'm currently putting Frost through before its release tomorrow. I am still excited but this difficulty means that it won't be near what I wanted it to be.
This also means that due to technical difficulties I won't be able to write the newsletter containing the free code that enables anyone on my newsletter to receive the book for free. Therefore, I am posting it below:

The code is: LN29G

In order to redeem this code, head to this link. I haven't actually tried using the code on the premium distributors so I don't know if it'll work in places such as iBookstore and Barnes & Noble, etc, but it does work on Smashwords and you'll have until November 1 to download it for free. Just include the code during the purchase and you will be able to download it for free on almost any device, including the iBooks app, Kindle, Sony devices, laptops, online viewing, PDF, etc. Happy reading! I hope that you will read, rate and review my work in exchange for this. I can't wait to see what everyone thinks about it!

Wish me luck, though, and I will do my utmost in order to provide the best quality book I can under the circumstances I currently face.

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