Monday, September 1, 2014

Introduction of newsletters!

For a long while now, I have been considering starting up a newsletter for my readers. And after finding a whole heap of positive reviews about Ice on Amazon by surprise, I am feeling a lot better since last night's rave. I no longer feel as bad, but the lingering sadness is still there. I am still suffering from depression and anxiety, but it's been 10 years now since I first got them that I am aware of so I doubt that they're going anywhere any time soon.
There is one thing I would like to comment on that a lot of my American readers have been picking up on. According to numerous people, I spell certain words wrong on numerous occasions. I would like to take the time right now to let you know that while it may be considered wrong in certain countries, in Australia, we write in certain ways different to other countries.
Some examples include:
Realize = Realise.
Instal = Install.
Customize = Customise.
Judgment = Judgement.
Aeroplane = Airplane.
Ageing = Aging.
Finalize = Finalise.
A full list of spelling differences is available at this link. It is both interesting and informative for those who are like me and enjoy learning differences between countries and spelling, methods of speaking and other language differences.
In addition to this, I would like to thank everyone who joined the giveaway for Glass Bones. I wish you could all win but in the end, there is only one winner. I aim to have Glass Bones sent by tomorrow to the lucky winner if all goes to plan along with all the little extras. Hopefully one day when my books have a bit more publicity and I earn enough, I can provide a worldwide giveaway for a number of my books. Right now, though, that is just a dream that has yet to become a reality.
So, on a final note, I hope to release my first newsletter ASAP and I would love for everyone to please sign up. I will be writing about things that won't show up on my blog and other social media on occasion, plus there will be exclusive freebies, upcoming book information and links to my favourite book websites. So basically all the things that make 21st Century reading and writing so much fun!

Where to find the newsletter sign up link!

When you arrive on my blog, there is a sign up link at the very top right hand part of my blog above each of the other fun little widgets I have on display. Just type in your email, send and verify the address in your emails and you're finished! In my first series of emails, I plan to release some more information on upcoming releases and ideas I'm playing around with, my thoughts on different literary (and some non-literary) areas and some information on how I created the covers to not only the Poseidon's Girls trilogy but also my stand-alone novel, Glass Bones. There will certainly be information, release details and freebies in relation to Frost and Tempest, plus more information on my upcoming Clarity duology/trilogy and my struggles on deciding on which!

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