Sunday, September 14, 2014

Update: Frost.

Hello again everyone!
I'm back again with yet another update on Frost, book #2 of the Poseidon's Girls trilogy. There's a couple of new points I'd like to share with you all concerning Frost.
Due to a sudden burst of energy in my life, I have returned to the writing board to continue working on Frost and I have determined that I am now over part of my writer's block. I wrote one of my favourite chapters of Frost last night and I am pretty sure that those who loved Xanthias and Iris in the first book will love Frost!
Another point: I am working towards an October 15 deadline for Frost. Don't hold me to it because my life has a funny way of saying, 'Oh hell no!' We'll see how it goes though and hopefully this drive that's suddenly found its way into my inner writer will manifest into words on my laptop.
I'm still open for suggestions on how I can improve the trilogy in both Frost and the final book Tempest, too, so feel free to send any suggestions to my Goodreads inbox, my facebook page, the forums for the trilogy on Goodreads and/or through the contact page on my official website located at this link.
In other news, I will potentially be allowing something unedited and interesting from Frost slip into my next newsletter set for release on the 1st of October. Sign up to the newsletter on my blog at the top right so you don't miss out!
That's about it update-wise for now. I hope everyone has an amazing week. Unfortunately I have a funeral to attend on Thursday after the shock passing of my Pop's brother, Uncle Stan after a fatal car crash. R.I.P. Uncle Stan. Frost will be dedicated to you as a celebration of your life! ♥

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