Monday, September 1, 2014

The Writing Fire

Tonight, I should probably just put up everything and go to bed. But instead, I'm online and I'm going to write out all of my current frustration in a 'diary entry' for my readers to ... well ... read!
Recently, every aspect of my life has been giving me grief. Freaking out over finances and personal relationships has driven me to the point where I am simply left exhausted and angry. I haven't been able to write Frost in so long now that I'm starting to get to a point now where I am questioning the following:

  1. Should I stay where I am or move away?
  2. Should I continue writing or just give up completely?
  3. Should I continue writing Poseidon's Girls or just pull it apart?
  4. After so many horrible reviews, why do I even bother?
My motivation is lacking terribly right now. I can't write. I can't draw, sing, play musical instruments, study my writing courses... Being from a small town there's been rumours that my car repairs were because I apparently put it through a tree (I didn't; it just had some dodgy parts from my previous mechanic) and rumours about my personal relationships and struggles with depression and anxiety are the newest things to go around.
Quite simply, I've had enough of everyone and everything.
I will eventually get Frost complete, one day sometime probably toward the end of this year. Then Tempest will follow ASAP. Then the Clarity Star, which I have yet to completely determine whether I want it to be a duology or trilogy (comment at the bottom of this post to help me choose!) and I am planning on going to University next year.
In addition, I plan on completing my Creative Writing and Romance Writing courses by December so I can start 2015 on a clean slate and hopefully I can eventually work enough to purchase the services of an editor to iron out the creases in my writings.
Right now I just have to survive the many, many rumours about my life. And rumours are my pet hate.

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