Saturday, June 7, 2014

Title Release: #3 of the Poseidon's Girls Trilogy!

Alright, so as promised, I am now releasing the title of book #3 in the Poseidon's Girls trilogy and giving you all a small update on Ice and my writing progress.
As of far, Ice has received 639 downloads on Smashwords alone, along with 3 five stars on iBookstore, approximately 3 three stars and a four star rating. Approximately 14 people have read it from Goodreads and 14 people have added the sequel to their to-read list when it is released.
So, without further ado, I am releasing the title of the third and final book...


Tempest! That's right! The cover is yet-to-be-released but it has been put together and features the same model as its predecessors. So, for those who want to see the cover of Tempest released and have already downloaded Ice, help raise awareness by encouraging your friends, family, etc.
In addition, if there are any reviewers who would like to give me a go, feel free to download it from Smashwords and their corresponding distributors for free. Drop me a review, some tips, anything! I welcome any constructive criticism at all!

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  1. Book was great finished it in 3 hours I couldn't put it down. Went hunting for book 2 when I saw it wasn't out yet. Can't wait for the next book. I love to read. I will definitely work on spreading the word on this awesome book.