Sunday, June 15, 2014

Calling all beta readers and reviewers!

As I completed my childcare course today, I am now free to search for a job, write some more of Frost and finish my online writing courses. In addition, I am searching for dedicated readers who will give me both good and bad feedback on 'Ice' and how I can make it up to readers in the second instalment. Reviewers and beta readers who are most effective at this will be given the opportunity to read my future releases for free in exchange for a review.

Want to read free eBooks?

An opportunity to aid an indie author?

Another instalment to your ever-growing eBook library?

This is for you!

This comes after some horrendous comments I have received about my books. While I have many 4 and 5 star reviews, there are no tips on ways I can fix 'Ice' and its following trilogy. For those who would like to read and review my books for free, comment below this post with a link to your facebook, twitter, blog and/or website and state the following: 'Hey there! I would like to read your books to help you to improve your writing.'

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  1. I would love to help you with your book by reviewing it! I'm an honest reviewer and don't shy away from stating the cold hard truths, in my opinion it helps the author improve. I know positive reviews are great and they make the author happy, but it does nothing to help the author improve as a writer. Thanks for this opportunity! Here's a link to my blog: