Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ice & Frost Updates: Poseidon's Girls Trilogy

Cover original image copyright Andrey Kiselev
So, as we all know, Ice has come off to a brilliant start. I just checked and it is up to 447 downloads - that is staggering! So I would like to write a short and sweet update involving the Poseidon's Girls trilogy.
Firstly, I have completed writing the first chapter of Frost and am aiming to sit down and do some serious writing when I complete tafe and work placement mid-June, so please be patient. I'm trying my best to juggle work, tafe, and a ton of financial commitments that are dragging me down.
Cover original image copyright Andrey
Kiselev -
In addition, I am currently thinking of ways to spread word of book #2: Frost, and I have signed up to Rafflecopter. This will enable some lucky winners to have a read of Frost as soon as it's available. So let me know, my butterflies, if you would like to read it!
Furthermore, I would love for people to review my books, so for those of you who enjoy reading, blogging and reviewing, I would love to present some free coupons when Frost becomes available in exchange for a review and feedback on how I could improve!
Book #3 of the Poseidon's Girls trilogy has a title that I decided on a little while ago, and so the moment I cross over to 600 downloads of Ice, I will reveal it. At 800 downloads I will also reveal the official cover of book #3 as well. At 1,400 downloads I will potentially run a giveaway for all three books in one set and provide a 'box set' of the three eBooks. But all of this depends on how much support I receive! So, my butterflies, go forth and spread the word and I shall reward you with these tempting little giveaways!

Ta ta for now,
- M.S. Watson

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