Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm not just an author :)

Okay, so in commemoration for my impending art exam tomorrow, I have decided to undertake a drawing challenge. My friend is the most talented artist I've ever seen and I have never ever been good enough to use coloured pencils... Until now. She has instructed me and now I'm drawing a gypsy! The image is hers, this rendition is my own work. I know it isn't finished, I will be working on it after exams along with my novel for Penguin.

Goes to show an artist can be within everyone. :)

And, I am currently in the process of organizing a film for one of my novels (which I have yet to write but will be awesome). So my friend is producing and filming it - she came up with the idea after all - and I'm a script writer, costume designer, lead in the choosing of actors for particular roles and all that jazz. I also get to find people to volunteer their music rather than pay people as this is a non-for-profit event to support my friend 's future career and my novels. So if you know anyone who would like to volunteer music, keep tuned on my blog or twitter ( and we'll hopefully have the project up and running by December.

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