Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hello people, yes, I am alive still!

I know, I am the worst person on the earth with keeping to a challenge. I had no idea how hard it would be to juggle school and home and writing and piano and Japanese studies... You get the gist. A few days ago I received my second published short story through the mail and I am still rejoicing. So, as I plough through my half-yearly exams I will be working on catching up on my entries for the 52 Week Short Story Writing Challenge and giving updates on what I'm currently working on.
Speaking of which, I am comparing my latest novel - also my longest with a whopping fifty chapters! - with the novel I sent to Penguin before and so I am pleased with my progress now, fixing things with my new novel that I fell under with Glass Bones. Any who, if all goes well I'll have my latest novel ready for sending before unsolicited manuscripts are refused after July 31st until October. So I have some work to do! But I will try and catch up - and keep up with - my challenge. Please be patient, I thank you for your patience as of far.

Now I'm going to study, catch up my Japanese work and I shall be seeing you all with some new short stories soon! :)

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