Monday, May 28, 2012

Being Random!

Okay, so I'm hoping I can do some more random posts, sort of like a general diary about my ups and downs as a part-time author. Sooooooooo for a snapshot of my life, to the left are my list of things to do...
...None of which I have done as of yet...
...And I just remembered I have piano lessons tomorrow... Oh dear...
Anywho, I am very peeved at the moment. I only realized the day of my last exam that it was the same day my note for my language camp was meant to be returned. Let's just say I'm not going to camp and I am seriously devastated!
That said, I've got some good news! I have won a haiku contest on Goodreads so I got to choose a read for next month in the Young Adult Enthusiasts group. Congratulations to the second and third place winners, you wrote well!
Also, below I am including some snaps of my book where my short story is published. When I finally get time after doing my list of school work ^above^ I might even type up a copy of the short story I had published, since limited copies are available and they're $60 a hit. Also included is a picture of my Shakespeare shadow, kinda freaky isn't it?
I apologize for the weird picture layout, I kind of don't know how to put them in a line!

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