Saturday, April 9, 2011

It Doesn't Matter What People Think!

     When writing stories, do you fret over what people will like? One word: Don't! Write for yourself for it is the satisfaction of surprising yourself that is overwhelming about writing, not the approval of critics. There will always be people out there to hate your writing even though it may be brilliant, or it may be crap. Writing, at least for writers, is meant to be enjoyable and considered a hobby of sorts; not a job.
      What I'd really like to say is that when you plan for writing a novel, throw away your worries. Invent words. Invent places and names, and powers. I'm not an expert but I know from experience that if you're stressed, the words you write will appear stressed and forced out of you. Write from your heart ♥ and you will succeed in pleasing yourself, if not others.

          Stuck for writing a novel? Try these:

  • Write a thorough character study for each of your main characters. Look up 'character questions' in Google and answer them in the perspective of whatever characters you wish. Understanding them inside out is a must. Know their full name, address, personality and traits, star sign, and even so far as favorites such as ice-cream flavors and perfumes (cologne for men, unless they like perfume).
  • Write short stories or background stories about the characters. Even writing a prequel is an awesome idea because it'll add a bit of history to the stories, make them seem that much more real and you'll have an even greater understanding of the end novels you have trouble writing with.
  • Draw your characters and/or a storyboard. Directors do it so why shouldn't authors and the like? Do it; you may be surprised by how talented you are artistically. Even if you 'can't' draw well, just do stick figures or a scratchy outline of the person and their hair. Anything's better than nothing. (P.S. Anyone can draw if they practice. It took me three years before I got to the stage of drawing well. Now I even create my own sketches instead of drawing from photos.)
  • Start a blog, join or just join another chat site for authors. It's worth it and you get to share opinions with others just like you.
  • Listen to music; the radio is always an interesting place to start (provided you have a good radio station). 102.9 FM at Newcastle, NSW always plays old and new stuff; unfortunately I don't go there regularly enough to listen and find a lot of songs I'd like to listen to.
  • Create a guide, detailing your artificial world and the people within it. Draw up a table, name the characters and write down who they love, who they hate, what they look like and their traits. I find that it's fun to see who likes who, who hates who and who kisses the most guys/girls. (P.S. I was joking about the third point, but eh whatever floats your boat.)
Go have fun in your artificial worlds and fly!
Rissa. ♥

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