Sunday, January 30, 2011


Australian Open 2011

    Who watched the Australian Open 2011? It was amazing. My favourite, Novak Djokovic, was just beyond brilliant. It was a well played game though, and Andy Murray was a very worthy opponent. I am sure we'll see more of both of them in the near future.

Rissa's Update January-February 2011

    So, 2011 has finally come and I've jumped from two completed 50,000+ word novels to almost a quarter through my fifth! I'm onto the final book of my Christmas writing project, a feat that has surprised no one greater than it has surprised me! It has taken me just three days to write sixteen pages, but I think I won't be as fast as I have been over the past two months. For one, I'm going back to school in three days time. Two: I'm returning to tennis after a three-year break. Three: I finally put in an application for my first summer job! However, it isn't finalized just yet. I'm being tested, paid for working a day per month. I can't wait to start!
     For the inner Y.A. paranormal romance writers at heart, the best inspiration I have been subjected to is the brand new album to The Script. Buy it; don't just download it off the internet. It sounds best from C.D.s anyway.  It's called Science and Faith. It's just amazing; if you love The Script, this is an absolute must!
     Inspirational author of the season: L.J. Smith. She is amazing. One of the best authors ever. I'm so inspired by her; she's really reader-orientated instead of profit-oriented, as so many authors are nowadays. She has a passion that no one can ever duplicate.
     As for my books? Well, I'm working on the final book to an angel-demon trilogy at the moment, the fifth book I've ever seriously worked on. It's the final installment to my best friend's extended birthday-Christmas present too. What I'm aiming for now is to get the Writer's and Artist's Yearbook 2011 and find an agent to represent me. My goal is to be published (as any serious writer wants) but I have a goal ahead of me. I'd love to be published, even by a small publisher and have an agent who could help me promote myself. That's all I'm really asking for at the moment.
     Why will I never ever give up? Because I refuse to settle for anything less than my dreams. I'm a Pisces, a dreamer. I guess I am really motivated by the people - particularly in my family and others I know - who gave up their dreams before they really leaped for them. I don't want to live a dead-end job as a single mother. I don't want to drown in the cries of 'I could have...' and 'I should have done this'. I won't stop no matter what. I will be a published author. All I really ask for is to share my stories with the world. I don't care about the profits or the ranks for bestseller in varying countries.

With that, I bid you all good morning.

- Rissa.
"A picture tells a thousand words...
      A story tells a thousand thoughts..." 
    ©Rissa.  2010-2011.

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