Friday, October 23, 2015

Apple Versus Windows: The Ultimate Debate

I have only used a mac once - maybe twice or even three times - in my life. I have grown up using Windows simply because cost-wise, PCs pre-installed with Windows are both universal across many computer brands, but also this brings down the price. In addition, Windows is also easier to use in my opinion simply because it is so broadly utilised by schools, universities and workplaces. Yet if I am to undertake my design course next year I have to learn the ropes when it comes to the Apple interface.
So what do I prefer thus far in terms of novel writing?
Since writing the first draft of this blog post, I have ran into some issues with Apple Macs at my university and almost lost five hours straight of assessment work. Now, I was not happy at all. I had saved my work, shut down the photoshop application and started to open google drive when BAM! No response. We tried getting a computer expert to help and everything and one thing I will now be eternally grateful for with Windows is the ability to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete! This was a function that the Mac I used lacked in and a google search later returned the Apple equivalent but it did not work whatsoever! Thankfully, once we forced the computer to shut down and open again, it hadn't lost any of my work and I could relax.
Now whether this is just an issue with the university computers or not, I cannot stand that Mac doesn't have this function. As a windows-veteran I can say that while I appreciate the ease of use when it comes to the Mac generally, I love the ability to force closures of apps that aren't responding with a PC. Never have I ever loved my laptop and its lagginess but ability to be generally reliable than now.
Ultimately, I adore the look of a Mac. And if it had Windows (naturally, not forced if you get what I mean) then I would never look at a PC again. They're a style statement and in this way I am excited for when I get one for my course at university next year. However, this also means that if I am to prevent the issues I've faced at university using a Mac from happening again, it will be costly getting a processing system that is capable of meeting both my wants and needs.
Don't get me wrong. This post is generally about which I prefer to use for writing - and so far I still think that Windows is leading, but only by a slim lead. If Mac proves to become better once I am able to finally get one for university, then I feel that I will convert. However, at the moment I just love the ability to intuitively move through Windows because it is familiar, and I know its in's and out's from a young age - primary school, in fact.
Finally, I conclude that despite the downfalls I love the keyboard of the Mac when typing, but the interface of a Windows PC. Even though it's far less stylish than the Mac, Windows is reliable in such a way that I cannot fault it in comparison. I love my Windows PC. I will not convert (just yet)!

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