Friday, October 2, 2015

An Update: October 2015

It is less than a month until one of my favourite annual events: NaNoWriMo! And to celebrate how close this event is, I just wanted to hop on and write to you all about what's been happening in my life as of recent and what's been happening in terms of the Clarity Duology. I also wanted to explain some of my non-writing activities and the newest happenings in my life recently.

The Clarity Duology
I have been struggling, I will admit. I love my duology but the whole project has been as painful as pulling teeth. I am terrible at keeping at things at a regular pace and a writing routine so I go weeks and months without writing anything at all. I originally aimed to have the first book complete by November but I don't see that happening without it becoming a horrible jumble of forced words.
I have started working on it again recently though. It is difficult but I am determined. I keep getting exhausted all the time so it seriously impacts my productivity. I'm aiming to have book one finished by the end of the year though, so hopefully I can keep working toward that as a deadline.
I have also been putting together potential ideas for the second book as I have been working on the first book. I haven't put anything in concrete just yet but I should soon once the first book is further ahead than what it is now.

A New Job
I have been super exhausted lately and one of the reasons behind this is due to my new job as a delivery driver for Domino's. Basically it involves delivering pizzas to homes and I absolutely love it. I get to spend some quality time with my car (Sparkles) and speak to lovely families and make their evenings. This is the best job I could possibly ask for! The amount of time that I spend sleeping after work is terrible though because of the lethargy I feel. I put this also down to the fact that I probably don't consume enough iron but I'm working toward getting my life together.

Joining the Gym
After a long time coming, now that I have a job I can finally say that I have joined the gym. I did it about two days ago and I loved my first night. It's a 24-hour place so my housemate, her S.O. and I went at 1 AM. I've started making some healthier choices after letting myself go and I'm hoping that the combination of gym, returning to another term of university and work will help to put me back on the track to sleeping at a decent hour. The downside to this is that I usually spend my writing time of a night, because that is when I am most awake and most creative. But in the interest of my health, I will be trying to get some decent sleep.

My Sims YouTube Channel
I've also been struggling with keeping up with my YouTube channel, also due to my tiredness. However, I am planning a let's play and I have actually got some speed build videos that I'm in the process of editing. The builds are already available and are on the Sims 4 gallery under my username MSWatsonOfficial.

NaNoWriMo 2015
I am going to be participating in NaNoWriMo 2015, for the third year running. For the past two that I've participated in I have beat the 50k words that I needed and became a winner. So I'll be joining in again this year so keep an eye out for NaNoWriMo posts!

In conclusion, life is pretty hectic with me juggling my job, university, my channel, books and now the gym. I am making an effort though and I will definitely be doing NaNoWriMo for the third year running, coinciding with the same amount of years I have been with my boyfriend. In conclusion, I hope you all enjoy your day and thank you for bearing with me as I get my life and books sorted out.

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