Sunday, June 14, 2015

An Update

Hello everyone! I hope that you're all well, wherever in the world that you are. Right now I am super exhausted, but on the upside I recently have been focusing on working on some more chapters of my Clarity duology. I'm getting stir crazy from how ridiculously long this is taking to write, but I'm taking my time and not rushing like how I did with Ice. Frost and Tempest were slower, but I didn't take the time and care needed to make them the best I could and it definitely showed.
So I'm taking the time to try and improve my writing. It's difficult because I am really, truly the worst with procrastination and I also have the added stresses of my university exams coming up. But I'm still making the time needed and I'm hoping to give my writing more attention. I've been so uninterested in my creative pursuits over the past year, suffering frequent and extended bouts of writer's block that I often think to myself if I should reconsider aiming for more, producing more books when I don't have the motivation any more.
But I love books at heart and I recently discovered some of my older, admittedly better works and I'm hoping that by re-reading through them, I will rediscover my ultimate love of writing. Needless to say, I often am bombarded with 'what if' and 'imagine that', so frequently that it reminds me that I really ought to get back into writing and on a frequent basis. I often am exhausted, more than I ever remember being early on in my writing journey and I am considering seeing a professional. Perhaps I'm running into iron deficiency issues again. I have no idea.
But overall, I am excited to relaunch back into my writing pursuits and to finish the few remaining writing assessments I have left for my romance course through Open Colleges. For now, I'll be calling it a night as I am exhausted and literally have been having blurry vision all day. I hope you all have a lovely time, wherever and whatever time in the world it may be for you.

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