Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Little (Gaming) Surprise!

Hello everyone! I may have three exams to study for and four assessments to do, but I just had to come on my blog and update you all! I recently have bought my new laptop charger and as a result, I have access to my Sims games once again. For those of you who don't know, I am a complete Sims addict. Whenever I procrastinate, the Sims is where you'll find me.
So what have I done?
I have officially learnt and created Sims videos and uploaded my first three videos ever to my brand-new Youtube channel, Missim You.
My favourite as far as Sims creations is to build houses, rather than play and CAS.
So, if anyone would like to give me ideas for videos and creations, or challenges or game play, send me your ideas! I have included a link to my Youtube channel here. So far, I have three videos of my speed build Let's Build a Bachelorette Pad that I split into three parts. For now, I'm off to study and rest, but enjoy your day, night, morning or evening wherever you may be. Until next time, I'll be Missim You!

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