Monday, March 2, 2015

An itty bitty update!

Hello friends!
I hope that the world is treating you right. Right now, I am sitting in the cafeteria so to speak, typing away as I update my blog and let you all know that I have finally completed the novel outline for the first book Of Shadows (#1) of my Clarity duology. They may only be a few words per chapter thus far, but it's a lot more than I had before. Yay for two hour train trips to university!
I am entirely surprised to be sitting here, with this news. Two weeks ago I received my offer to university via the post, and I was lucky to get in considering the vast number of late enrolment students. But here I am. I didn't get my ATAR like other students at high school here in Australia, but instead studied a Certificate III in Childcare and had some casual jobs here and there that barely kept me afloat during my 'gap' year between completing high school and now, in Newstep.
When my school stuffed up during my final year of high school, I cried and cried and pretty much gave up on the idea of ever going to university. But I've been given a second chance, a chance to set things right.
What is it like?
Tiring, and physically and emotionally exhausting. Especially with my financial issues right now hindering whether or not I will be able to continue university. And if it weren't for the fact that I have the best family, friends and boyfriend in the whole world I wouldn't be sitting here right now, writing this. Not even having a job can sustain me for much longer, and the two hour rides on the train morning and night are exhausting. But you know what? I am getting through it, piecing things together and stronger than ever.
It's going to be difficult keeping up the work on my Clarity books, the series I'm planning for after the duology and the collab I'm working on with my best friend. Not to mention my university course, the finances, the homework and my two online writing courses - but I'm dealing.
This isn't my way of complaining about how stressful life is and how I can't cope - much the opposite. My message - aside from the fact that you will certainly love the Clarity duology if you enjoy my writing - is a message of hope. Just because things don't go to plan doesn't mean it's too late to work toward the same goal in a different way. Personally, I prefer this way. Only 40% of the people at my university are school leavers - meaning the other 60% are like me, taking a bridging course or a break, being that they didn't get what they needed in high school or simply are mature age students.
It's never too late. That is the lesson I have learned this month. The lesson I forgot about until now, as I work toward the end of the year and further, toward my Bachelor of Visual Communications Design. Do you have a goal to achieve? Have you missed the benchmark and are feeling like giving up? Tell me in the comments and speak to me. Sometimes the best way to getting back on track from things falling apart is a bit of friendly conversation from a positive influence! I will try and update the progress of my Clarity duology again as soon as possible. In the meantime, enjoy your day!

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