Wednesday, February 25, 2015

First week of university and already run off my feet!

Whoever knew that I would be spending $100+ per week on travel to uni, put your hands up!

No? Oh, okay.

The simple fact of the matter is that YAY! I'm in University studying Newstep for 2015 and am aiming for entry into a Bachelor of Visual Communication Design in 2016, but it also means that I am struggling to divide the proper time to each of my areas of importance. At a ridiculous rate of over $18 to get a return trip to university I no longer can afford the basics - both financially and time-wise.
All of my writing except for my two online writing courses are going on the back burner until the Easter holidays. In addition, I don't even have enough time for sleep! I know I'm complaining but I need everyone to know that it may be a while until I bring out Of Shadows, book #1 of my Clarity duo.
I apologise to everyone for imposing this delay but it necessary for me in order to complete my Newstep course and keep on track with both University and Open Colleges. I am seriously regretting not getting them done last year!
As a result, I am going to reduce the price to free for Of Shadows within the first week of it's release probably later this year and see how it goes from there as to whether I bring it back to the original price of $0.99 USD or to leave it free. Let's see how it goes, shall we?
I will try to keep up with my blog and all things writing as much as possible but with such a full study load, studying three courses at once is going to be pretty tough, especially without internet access where I currently live. Thank you all for your patience and promise to make it up to you all ASAP.

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