Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Frost Premium Retailer Hiccups, Writing & Study!

Please Note!

For those who have bought Frost on iBookstore, Barnes and Noble Online, Sony, and other premium retailers of Smashwords there are issues with the copy you are receiving. This is due to the newest version - complete with the final nine-ten chapters of the book - not making its way through the premium service. It needs reformatting which I am currently working on, so please bear with me. If you have already bought it at one of these retailers and have the version that states More coming soon on the final page, please update the book when I finally have it correctly formatted and state as much on my blog. Please watch this space for more information as it becomes available. I feel utterly horrible for this happening! For everyone else, Smashwords does have the updated version including all chapters.

In addition, I have been writing Tempest for NaNoWriMo and I am pleased to announce that it is ahead of schedule by a whole day. I am excited to work on it some more, but for the rest of today I am working on trying to make Frost - the whole thing - available on the premium retailers.

I am also planning on studying furiously in between the release of Tempest in December 2014 and the Clarity Duology 2015.

Also, something to add to your calendars: January 2015 marks the first edition of Orenda Magazine release and I will be a contributing writer. At the moment my mind is swamping me with ideas to write about, but as to what I will actually write I have no idea. Until there is enough readership it will be available online only as it is too expensive to print as of yet but everything in due time. I am so excited!

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