Saturday, November 1, 2014

Celebrating 4,200 Views: An Insider's Look To Tempest

I've recently not been celebrating milestones, but I've decided that I really want to thank my viewers - new and old - for your continued support. With over 11,300+ downloads of my books on the iBookstore this year alone and in over 8 countries (that I've counted - there are more!) I would like to give you all a small insider's look on Tempest, some things to expect, the planned dates for pre-order and release and what is to be expected following the conclusion of the Poseidon's Girls trilogy.

What we can expect to see:
Of all the books in the Poseidon's Girls trilogy, I am super excited to work on Tempest because it just takes the whole trilogy a notch higher on the scale. We can expect to see Starden a lot more, and Cronus hasn't vanished completely. There's a major clue in the blurb to Frost as to a large portion of the drama we see in Tempest, and we see the introduction of a new, interesting person who will hopefully place an interesting spin on things.
There's a lot of loss in the final instalment of the trilogy, I will warn you. We will see the loss of some favourites along the way, but I hope that the story ties up any loose ends that may have been started in Ice and Frost! I fear I may even cry, this is both awesome and horrible for me to write, both in a blog post and in the book! A lot of people will either love or hate it, or both. I'll probably get horrible comments for making my readers feel temporarily horrible, but I hope that for the sake of the novel that you'll all forgive me for the heartbreaking decisions that I've decided to implement in Tempest. (I really hope!)

When can we expect Tempest?
Due to the fact that I am writing Tempest as my NaNoWriMo novel, I'm aiming for a pre-order date of December 15 and a release date of December 24, for all those fans who are thinking of Christmas gifting the book to friends and family, for themselves or are hinting to friends and family that they really want it. (Hint, hint ...)

How much will Tempest be?
The paperbacks of the Poseidon's Girls trilogy in full won't be available until sometime in 2015, so I don't have a price for those as of yet, but the eBook on Smashwords and their premium distributors will be available for $1.99 USD.

What's after Poseidon's Girls?
At the conclusion of Poseidon's Girls I will be focusing on completing my writing courses in Creative Writing and Romance Writing, sending them off and working on the Clarity duology. At first, I really wanted to write the Clarity duology as a stand-alone novel like Glass Bones, but after discovering Jessica Shirvington's duology Disruption and Corruption, I decided that the Clarity books should be a duology. There's too much to squeeze into a stand-alone, and I'm sick to death of trilogies! There wouldn't be enough for a series and therefore, I decided to stick with a duology. Originally I named the stand-alone The Clarity Star, but for the sake of a duology that just wasn't an option. I sat down for hours, trying to think of names that would fit for a duology - for my duology - and I finally decided on Of Shadows and Of Light!
Of Shadows and Of Light is a sci-fi duology; I've never written a book based out of space or with a spaceship. So not only will this be a new experience, but it will add a new dimension to the areas I write. So far I have wrote and published a stand-alone vampire novel and a Greek mythology-based trilogy. So it is a time of change for me!
The Clarity duology is due for release early 2015.

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