Thursday, November 13, 2014

Another general update! (And a FREE online copy of Orenda Magazine!)

Hello everyone! Okay so it is 2:48 AM here and I am thinking of going to bed, but then I thought, 'Hey, I really need to update my blog!'
Firstly, I would like to say that I am still having difficulties with Frost and publishing and formatting and all that lovely stuff, so until I have it worked out if you have bought a copy of Frost from any of Smashwords' Premium Retailers, please private message me on twitter @MissaBooks with a screen shot of your purchase. Smashwords has the updated full version. If you have bought the book elsewhere - anywhere except for Smashwords - I urge you to contact me with a screenshot of your purchase and I will send you a code for Smashwords that will enable you to download all available variations - e.g. ePub, PDF, etc. - on any device for free.
I apologise for this inconvenience! I really hate that it's doing this but it is something I will definitely make sure won't happen in future! Even if I have to extend the pre-release, I will.
Hopefully it will get fixed in the next 24 hours - I'm hoping for at least - and it will be updated on the premium sites within their usual time frame of updating works. The only other option I can think of is to unpublish it temporarily and make it available once I figure this glitch out. I really hope it doesn't come to that!
In other news - writing and non - I have been working on my NaNoWriMo book which conveniently works out to be Tempest, #3 of the Poseidon's Girls trilogy! And boy, is it passionate! If anyone thought that Ice was a bit lacklustre in a few places, this - I hope - will certainly blow the previous two books right out of the water!
I am also aiming for a deadline of December sometime for the release of Tempest, but we'll just see. I don't want to give out too much information and spoil it for you all! Let's just say I really enjoyed writing a few chapters in particular ... *Wink, wink...*
In addition, I'm back to being a little bit behind but after finishing probably my favourite chapter just now of the entire trilogy as far, I am in a bubbly mood!
I am currently also undergoing a search for the covers of my Clarity duology, which is proving a lot more difficult because I'm trying to find something that not only fits with the feel, characters, plot and setting, but I also want to step it up another level from the book covers of Glass Bones and the Poseidon's Girls trilogy. I'm excited though and I know I will find the perfect covers somewhere. I'm stepping up my online creativity skills too through practicing Photoshop tutorials with my copy of Photoshop 7. Even though the tutorials are obviously for the latest versions of the software, I am quite broke so I can't afford the upgrade, but even so PS 7 is still pretty good quality! I can do most of the stuff in the tutorials and make my own little tweaks where there are tools missing. I'm beginning to quite enjoy it and I even have a white frame in my room with a Sex In The City inspired modern artwork inside that I made on my own on PS 7!
In non-writing news, I have been truly enjoying reading Divergent and am glad I bought the box set - it's addictive! It's so fast paced and strong and emotional and all the things that make a great set of characters! I love the plot but I especially love the language used! I can't wait to finish reading the first one simply to go onto the next one!
I've never been one to go all 'fan girly' over a book character or even a celebrity for that matter. So it definitely surprised me when I started to absolutely swoon over the relationship between Tris and Four. I love this trilogy!
Oh! Oh! Oh!
Did I tell you guys??! (I probably did!)
I am a contributor writer to Orenda Magazine, a project edited, designed and created by a friend a met a few years back. She's incredibly talented and her graphic design work is amazing so anyone needing a designer, hit her up! We've got a Facebook at link, We're on the way to vamping out our website which will be at Orenda Website. I've been informed that it will be available soon but you can sign up at the website still for updates on it and to know when it is aired.
You can download Orenda Volume 1 at this link! Orenda is set for release in January 2015 and I have it on good authority that it will be available quarterly. Go download it, support not only me but a good friend of mine and the growth of this wonderful magazine.

Definition of Orenda
Orenda: The invocation of the power of human will to change the world around us. (From the Huron language.)

It is now 3:33 AM...

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