Thursday, November 20, 2014

Announcement: Progress Of Tempest, Pre-release & Frost Update

Currently working on Tempest! Over
half way through!
So for those of you eagerly writing away for NaNoWriMo or just sitting back wondering in awe how people do it, you would know that it is up to day 21 and the aim is to be up to 35k words by midnight tonight. So for those of you who are eagerly awaiting the release of Tempest I have some exciting news - as far as exciting by my standards.
I am currently just shy of 30k words which I am confident that I will be able to have caught up on today, especially with the chapter I just wrote. I was so enthralled by writing it, I could feel the direct emotions of the character as I wrote about Iris and her experience, delving into something she never thought possible in her life. It's very satisfying, not only for her and her future, but also for myself.
I felt every heart beat, every pump of adrenaline through her veins - and no, it's anything but a love scene! Or maybe it is a love scene of sorts, rekindling her love of something stolen away from her by force... By any means, it is not a sexual scene in any way, shape or form.
We see the introduction of someone that no one ever considered crossing paths with the twin girls - not even I imagined this happening, until it did happen - and I feel as though I am so in tune with my Poseidon's Girls by now that I'm becoming rather attached to them. That was certainly something I never considered coming, either!

Last year's novel was Illusion,
available from Amazon.
I feel as though of all three books, this will be the one everyone will remember. It is heart-wrenching and full of power, greed, love and loyalty. If anyone hated the lack of action as far as fighting and magic and fear goes in the previous two books, you should love this one for sure! I am absolutely enjoying and shocked by the shock I feel when my characters are shocked! This just never happens for me - and now that it has, it's awesome!
Drum roll please!
Currently 58% through Tempest!
Now that I'm well on the way to having Tempest complete, I am feeling quite determined to finish the book and have it to you all ASAP. Because of this, that is why I am setting the pre-release for December 15, 2014 as this is the final day that Smashwords premium distributors will be processing newly published eBooks before the New Year. As a result, the pre-release is set for December 15 and will be available for download approximately December 19 to allow for Christmas gift purchases.
Cost: $1.99 USD

Another Christmas Surprise!
In terms of Christmas tradition, I will be also creating an eBox edition of all three books in the Poseidon's Girls trilogy and will be available for pre-release on December 15 and for download on December 20, 2014 and allows all three books to be downloaded in one place for a discounted price. I may even throw in a special treat... I'm not sure... *Wink, wink.*
Full version available at Smashwords
for 0.99 USD.
Cost: To be revealed.

Update on Frost

Allow me to first acknowledge everyone who has downloaded and/or purchased Frost or any of my books. I am so incredibly humbled by you all for supporting me and sharing your thoughts with me. Unfortunately, Frost still isn't available in full on Smashwords premium retailers due to formatting troubles that I am having so much difficulty in trying to solve! I'm considering just pulling it off the market and then republishing under a completely new MS file! I might even do that, you know!
Considerations aside, apologise profusely to anyone who has bought or downloaded the incomplete version and I will be happy to provide a free code to download the full version on Smashwords if you contact me @MissaBooks with proof of purchase. I am so sad and angry that this is still happening!

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