Friday, July 25, 2014

An update of awesomeness and a cover release!

Copyright of Andrey Kiselev -
I feel really silly. The reason being that my download count that I've been going off recently only caters for downloads of 'Ice' and 'Glass Bones' on the Smashwords website. With further research I have found that in the past week alone my book 'Ice' has gained a whopping 1,270 downloads on iBookstore!


Over the past 30 days alone there has been a grand total (including Smashwords and affiliates) of 3,001 downloads of 'Ice!' That is staggering! I couldn't believe it at all! That is huge! Every morning now I immediately wake up, open up Smashwords and look up the total download count. To think that there are so many downloads occurring of a book that I wrote, that is simply phenomenal to me!
In addition, as part of an earlier promise I made that has since become way overdue, I am now releasing the cover of the final book of the Poseidon's Girls trilogy, 'Tempest.' I now see that it is a bit early considering that 'Frost' isn't even out yet but hey, I'm too excited for suspense!
Once again featuring the model of the first two covers, 'Ice' and 'Frost', the third cover is designed slightly darker with some effects I used online. The image is copyright of Andrey Kiselev - and I am just amazed by their photography! The text and some extra editing I did was made possible by and Photoshop 7. I couldn't stand how dark it was in comparison to the other covers and it didn't fit. So I went through and added some light in the corners, some sparkle and the text. I would have preferred to keep it the way the photo was originally but it simply didn't fit.

Fun Fact!

I love love love LOVE Lifehouse and listen to them every time I write. It doesn't matter if it's a sad or happy or horrible scene, no matter what I'm feeling, I always listen to Lifehouse. I love their songs, especially 'First Time,' 'You and Me' and 'Beneath The Raindrops.'

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