Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hello, my butterflies! Who wants a freebie?

Okay, so first thing's first: ICE IS NOW AVAILABLE!

The best part?

IT IS FREE! That's right! 100% free!

After spending the whole day focusing on editing the book painstakingly to Smashword's requirements, it has finally been given the green light and is undergoing review for the premium catalogue - including but not limited to iBookstore and Barnes and Noble Online!
It has been live for the past two hours and since its release, 13 downloads have occurred - not bad for an indie author! I absolutely adore the cover, copyright of Andrey Kiselev from The same gorgeous model is going to be featured on all three covers. For those who like the further editing, thank and!
So, links! Here they are!

Let me know, my butterflies, how you like the book. I've started writing book #2 of the Poseidon's Girls trilogy - which I can happily release the name of: Frost. Yes, that's right! Book #2 is called Frost! I shall upload the cover on an official release date sometime in the future. If I have the time during my work placement, I will release it on the 18th of May, 2014. Keep tuned!

- M.S. Watson

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