Saturday, May 10, 2014

Four days after release and already at 231!

I am absolutely blown away by the response I've received since I released 'Ice' four days ago! Guess I'd better get my butt moving and write the next instalment to the trilogy, right?

231 downloads of 'Ice' since its release four days ago! WHAT!

This is phenomenal to me. I only received 130 approx. downloads of 'Glass Bones' within the three months it was up for free, and 'Ice' has already blown 'Glass Bones' way out of the water! I've uploaded a comparison of the downloads to date for 'Glass Bones' versus 'Ice' because I simply am so shocked!
For those who are interested, 'Ice' is available from iBookstore, Barnes and Noble Online and more now as it has been accepted for premium status by Smashwords.
Thank you to everyone who has downloaded 'Ice' so far and thank you to everyone who does in future. It's a great compliment to me as an author and I will be aiming to get the next instalment - Frost, book #2 of the Poseidon's Girls trilogy - out as soon as possible. I'm aiming for the end of Australia's winter at the latest if other outside commitments don't take precedence. Just, wow! Thank you all!
Now, it's time for me to return to writing my assessments for tafe and my writing courses, but I will try and get time to start working more on Frost. It's started already! I just have to work on it more. I can't wait to see what the future has in store!
- M.S. Watson

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