Thursday, October 17, 2013

I'm so lazy! :(

So, Rissa is back for another instalment of oh-my-God-I'm-so-sorry-for-neglecting-my-blog! Life's been pretty hectic this year and so it's proved near impossible not only to keep blogging, but also to write novels and draw. As I speak there are nearly 100 fires in my state, four of which are burning uncontrollably near the place in which I inhabit. Not only that, my HSC is currently on and I am really freaking out! I hope I pass my exams but I'm seriously doubting it.
On a positive note, I am finally making time to draw and write novels more with the hopes of applying for a scholarship to go to Tasmania for a writing retreat. I really hope I get accepted! I've also won myself an unedited copy of a novel called Barracuda by a Melbourne-based author, although I cannot remember how to spell his name. It's set for release next month and actually sounds like a pretty awesome book. I've started reading the first page today when I first got it in the mail and am both excited and honoured to be given the opportunity in order to review it. I will certainly be writing a review or few online before its release!
In addition, on a totally unrelated note, I passed my green-P's test last Friday with flying colours! I was more excited by the fact that I got them than the fact I can travel 10km faster!
With a three-hour exam tomorrow from 1:55-5pm I am going to be absolutely exhausted, but on and off I will sometimes be composing book reviews, both for those on wattpad and also those I download from iBooks and freebies from Goodreads.

For now, farewell all. In future, I cannot wait to become more involved in the writing community.
- Rissa :)

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