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Okay, so, I got totally excited about this particular author's writing that I decided I should post a book review about her work on both my own individual book blog and my review blog. So here it is: 'December' by Starlightt!

           'They met in December.'

   Reviewer's Note: I am so very excited to write a review of this for such a talented Wattpad writer! She captivated a truly beautiful story that was so simple that it instantly captivated me and maintained my interest throughout the entire novel. I definitely recommend it! Oh, and say hi to Starlightt, too. She's a total sweetheart!

   Woven into the world of Samuel Windermere, Ellery Eshelman blows in through the door and into his life like a beautiful hurricane. Set in Portland, Starlightt captures a beautiful and simple romance that is as captivating as it is flawless. A dancer of ballet, Ellery is a girl of awkward imperfections and a writer captivated by her own literary worlds. Following their story, day-by-day, chapter-by-chapter, readers are invited into the world of Samuel as he discovers this beauty and her many facets. A must-read for every reader searching for a flawless novel centred over an awkwardly perfectly imperfect couple and their blossoming romance, all in a Portland tea shop. The definition of a perfect love story.

The Cover: So I know it's wrong to judge a book by its cover, but the cover was really a deciding factor of me opening this out of the hundreds of thousands of others on the Wattpad website. With its soft myriad of images associated with winter, it is easy to see how they fit with Samuel's Polaroid camera as mentioned in the novel. I like to think that the images featured on the cover are the images Samuel captures of Ellery and their forming relationship together. A cover that I wish had sitting physically on my bookshelf so I could sit and stare at it for hours on end.
Stars: 5/5

The Characters: Each character was flawlessly formed by Starlightt's magnificent creation. Featuring everyday difficulties and flaws within each character, we see people within the novel that we could easily identify with. The aunt who couldn't cook to save herself; the beautiful girl struggling with her self-worth and always in a chaotic mess. The awkward boy with a fascination over this mysterious beauty and the worlds she buries herself within; an older sister with no interest in her family, indifferent to those who love and care for her.
Stars: 5/5

   The Plot: Two words: simple beauty. I highly recommend this to anyone who is sick of reading big, flash Hollywood romances and want a simple, beautiful love story. It's brilliant how Starlightt manages to capture the simplest and most mundane of love stories and create it into something beautiful and unable to stop reading. Countless times I found myself reading until the early hours of morning, I just couldn't put it down! I honestly don't know how she put it together, with such flowing grace, but she did it!
Stars: 5/5

   Overall Comment: If you enjoy simple, beautiful romance novels then this is definitely a read for you! A deeply beautiful love story, I recommend this to anyone, especially those on Wattpad whom may leave many comments and votes on the novel! This is literary perfection!
Stars: 5/5

   Coming Up Soon: Next book review, I shall be reviewing Starlightt's novel 'Superior', nominated in the Watty Awards, 2013. Keep an eye out and don't forget to drop by and vote! :)

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