Saturday, February 4, 2012

52 Week Short Story Writing Challenge - #12

Background: So school’s back now and I’ve been focusing on it a bit, making keeping with my challenge difficult but not impossible. One of my teachers wants me to reconsider changing my English choice from standard to advanced but I’m not exactly sure. Oh, and if anyone would like to talk to me about my challenge, if they’d like to do it or just a little comment on how to improve my own, please follow me on my twitter at So in the meanwhile here is another short story named Huntress.

Short Story #12 - Huntress

Her breath was jagged; coming in and out as though someone was physically tearing it and sewing it back in. The exit was ahead, a bright sign above the stone arch but she never made it. She whipped aside, tearing out her swords and her delicate fangs in the same moment as the hellhound advanced on her. It sent her tumbling but she got a booted foot under its belly and shoved upward, its throat letting out a whimper between snarls.
The glassy cries of the other vampires were following close behind, piercing her ears and scraping against her skull. She would surely die if they caught hold of her.
The swords glinted silver in her hands as she reached up and severed the hellhounds head, the heavy thing landing with a thud beside her. Dark blood poured from the stump of its neck and onto her leather bodysuit as she scrambled to her feet and took off toward the exit again. From the corridor she saw the vampires pouring out behind her but then she was through the exit and into the park, moonlight dancing on the dark lake beside the path.
Wind picked up, howling like the dead hellhound and whipping her blonde hair into her eyes; she picked up speed until she was merely a white blur against the night. Her boots thudded against the ground, heavy weights on the ends of her legs that threatened to slow her. Still she managed to outrun the other vampires, her fangs leaving fine trails of blood down her chin. Ahead a slow human jogger enjoyed the cooling summer night and she hurried to him, snapping his neck clean before the vampires could kill him.
Night bringer!”
The vampires behind her screamed the names, each time causing the ancient runes around her wrists to glow brightly. She couldn’t deny what she was but as the only vampire to be able to walk during the day they wanted to kill her. Some wanted her death out of jealousy, others out of fear. The river rushed beside her and suddenly she veered left, sliding the swords back in their hilts and her fangs into her jaw.
She jumped, narrowly clearing the wide river and stumbling on the stones; the vampires across the river screamed, their vulnerability of water forcing them to remain on the other side. As a half-human huntress she didn’t feel the overwhelming fear that moving water gave full-blooded vampires, merely a queasy feeling that faded fast once she’d gained her footing.
There were approximately twenty vampires across the river, each staring at her with hate-filled eyes and screaming loud. The huntress stood her ground, hands gripping the hilts of her swords as they glinted, free from their sheaths. The vampires weren’t all together, some pacing the river looking for ways across whilst others continued their screaming, however, there was one that didn’t do anything.
Delos stood silently amongst the vampires, dark brown eyes black in shadow; a crooked smile pulled his lips as she watched. She knew that he loved her but wanted to kill her as much as the other vampires. She remembered the times he’d hugged her, whispered in her ear that she would always be safe as long as he drew breath. He no longer did.
With a sigh, the huntress turned on her heel, disappearing into the darkness cast by the forest as she heard his deep voice whisper three small but meaningful words.
I love you.” But she was already gone.

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