Monday, January 30, 2012

52 Week Short Story Writing Challenge - #11

Background: Alright so I usually refrain from writing in a male third-person perspective simply because I am female but anyway... To me the title of this short story is a bit of a pun because not only is the main character viewing life from a different perspective but I am also, as an author. Dimitri is the main character's name, because I've always loved that name but never really had a large part in my novel writing. It was also rather freaky writing this late at night, whilst the neighbour's dog howled like a wolf. So without further ado, I introduce Dimitri.

Short Story #11 - A Different Perspective

He stood in a pool of blood. It wasn't usually this bad but the wolfen had pulled out the enforcements this time. The bar looked like a slaughterhouse, disfigured limbs in every direction. Dimitri's boots stepped carefully through the macabre scene but still crunched as he moved, bone fragments scattered around. No, they'd gone way too far.
Dimitri crouched down, grabbing a small ring that had fallen in the crowd's haste; he stiffened as he recognized the small piece of jewellery. He would recognize that ring anywhere. He clenched his fingers around the silver and pearl band, pain coursing through his body as he tried to deny her death. Lyli was so innocent, so human; she was the only person who he confided in. To think that she was gone...
Lighting swung overhead still, casting flickering lights through the room. Other hunters were scavenging through, looking for survivors but knowing there wouldn't be any. Head aching, Dimitri walked outside and breathed in the not-so-clean city air. His back pressed against the car door, cyan eyes staring blankly at the stars above. She couldn't be dead, she just couldn't...
Nearby the darkened alley where the trash cans were kept rattled and he moved into a defensive position, eyes fixed with both hands readying the gun that sat in his holster. The shadows moved, his eyes adjusting to the lack of light and the bulking outline of a wolfen came into view. He clicked the safety off but faultered, wondering why the midnight black creature wasn't attacking him.
Moments passed, his eyes watching the blue-black fur of the animal until it shifted to its human form. He noticed her eyes first, taking in the hazel eyes flecked with green and teal lined with smudged black eyeliner. Her favourite silver party dress seemed to replace the fur, torn and revealing too much pale skin; long blue-black hair to her waist and a single trail of blood emerged from the corner of her mouth.
In her hands was the corpse of a baby, its body shredded and its face caught in an eternal scream. Lyli gently placed the baby aside, running toward Dimitri with arms wide. He raised the gun an inch but when she didn't attack he switched the safety on, shoving it in his holster before flinging his arms around her. She wasn't thin as a twig, always the same curvy girl he'd first seen in that dingy old diner.
They changed me,” she sobbed into his shoulder, her soft hands clenching around fistfuls of his shirt. “They captured me and forced me to kill the baby. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry!” Dimitri moved slowly, reaching with only one hand. “I'm so, so sorry!” she continued.
As am I,” he said quietly, looking down at her with sad eyes as she pulled away. She gasped, sobbing hard as he pulled the knife away, blood on its edge. They both collapsed to the ground, cradling each other as blood spilled over the ground. “I love you,” he whispered, shutting his eyes. A single tear trailed down his cheek and he knew, in a way, they would both die.
The last thing he felt as he bled out was the soft pressure of her lips against his, the world fading to nothingness.

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