Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Very Exciting News!

Okay so I just got off the bus, having a crap day and really looking forward to the weekend when I walk into my room only to find a massive package sitting on my desk. It's addressed to me from HarperCollins Publishers and I was thinking Mum decided to give me a few books as a surprise. Then I look at the invoice and realize it's a promotion competition that I entered from a magazine. The winner gets to meet a writer in Melbourne but the top five shortlisted writers get a book pack - and I'm one of them! It's a national competition and I'm selected!
    This comes in the same month as I get a letter through the mail from Write4Fun that they want me to enter in an exclusive writers competition as I'm one of their top 15% elite from 2006 to present. This means that my second short story will be entered into an honored writers book, the pages edged in gold leaf and some other special knick-knacks.
    Well, that has totally made my day. I will upload my #2 entry for my 52 week short story writing challenge now, the entry I sent for the national competition.

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