Wednesday, November 16, 2011

52 Week Short Story Writing Challenge - #2

    Okay, so I was bored one afternoon and went to the newsagent to get a magazine when I came across a competition for one of my favourite authors - Rebecca Lim. I decided to give it a go, not really believing that my entry would be really that great. The theme - angels. So I decided what would be different, sort of, but easily enough written in 300 words. Therefore I came up with this. I was surprised when I found out I was one of the five shortlisted authors in the national competition.

Short Story #2: The Angel Ball
 The gallery of steel and glass was beautiful.
    Amerie looked in awe as the angels danced, wings of gold, silver and bronze in full view. She suddenly felt very bland, surrounded by so many perfect angels and their warrior half-breeds, the Nephilim. She pressed back her golden ringlets and felt relieved when her angel date Dentri joined her by the edge of the dance floor.
    “This is amazing,” she breathed, looking up at him. He smiled pleasantly; he preferred the grunge look most days but this evening he had cleaned up nicely. His usually tousled blonde locks were combed over, fringe covering one of his dark emerald eyes.
    “This is the winter ball,” he explained, lacing his fingers through hers. His wings glowed silver as his happiness increased. “Angels and Nephilim join one another, here, every winter in a celebration of all things great.”
    Amerie looked at him curiously until a great clash echoed through the gallery and hooded figures smashed through the glass domed ceiling. Dentri, looking surprised, gathered Amerie into his arms and flew through one of the nearby exits. Angels fled whilst Nephilim remained, trying hard not to be knocked down by the retreating angels.
    Outside, Dentri dodged flaming arrows as demons flooded the night. Amerie tightened her arms around Dentri's neck and felt the cold whipping against her. Like a bullet, they shot toward the Sydney Opera House and perched on the very top. Fearful of falling, Amerie felt safe in Dentri's embrace.
    “What about the others?” she said worriedly. Dentri kissed her, all of her worries subsiding.
    “They'll get out,” he said quietly. “Now, we didn't get to finish the ball.” He took her in his arms suddenly and with a flutter of silver wings, they danced off into the night.

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