Monday, November 7, 2011

The Fifty-Two Week Writing Challenge

Hey there buddy old pals. Rissa here with a new exciting update!
As of this week, I've decided to start a fifty-two week writing challenge. This coming from a very bored young writer with not a lot of time on her hands but I will make it. I've been known as a paranormal YA romance author but through this I plan to write one short story every week for one year through a wide spectrum of varying genres. I will write romance, horror, paranormal, crime... Maybe even a little bit of thriller and something else mixed in. My first short story will be completed on Wednesday, 9th of November and I will post it as soon as I finish it.
I suppose this marks the beginning of a fabulous, stressful friendship between my imagination, keyboard and blog. I've never really had that loud of a voice so this might begin something better for me to do with my spare time.

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