Thursday, May 21, 2015

My writing dilemma and what I'm doing to combat it!

Excuse me as I scream in agony...
Okay... Okay... *Breathes.*
You see this photo here? This lovely photo of a Toshiba Satellite C50D-A? This is the generic snapshot of the computer that I have. It's been mine since early 2014 and we've had our up's and down's but this is a new down. Can you guess why?
Well, the answer lies in the back story. You see, I was calmly minding my own business readying myself for class at uni. I have my laptop on my desk and as I reach down for my bag -
Laughter becomes the only sound in the lecture theatre as my laptop slides off the desk and lands on the floor. Now, this isn't the dilemma exactly. No, the dilemma lies in what this has caused. You see, I was charging my laptop at the time and as it fell from the slick surface of the dodgy uni desk, it fell and landed directly on the charger.
As a result, the silver part that goes into the charger port snapped off and consequently, my charger is now broken. Not only that, my laptop was dying and it doesn't even have enough charge to remove my Clarity Duology onto a USB. Silly that I don't back things up, I know. I've learnt my lesson. So until Wednesday when I get paid I'm forced into the use of my Nan's tiny yet amazing HP Mini laptop.
The few downsides?
No Sims or Clarity Duology for me, and its tiny size. Luckily the only thing I don't save on my laptop is my uni work. My Hello Kitty buddy does that for me so I'm not inconvenienced in study. But why? This week has been horrible and that was just the very beginning. So my ideal date for the Clarity Duology release has been consequently set back - luckily I haven't decided or announced an exact date yet - but there is an upside.
How? How can there be an upside from losing my main laptop?
The answer is rediscovering my old books. You see, there are many works on my Nan's laptop from way back before I even got my Toshiba, from when my first laptop was dying from a broken screen and a severely loaded hard drive. The family laptop. My Nan's laptop - that she doesn't even know how to switch on - is the HP Mini. Now if you're no gamer, I highly recommend this little gem. Not only does it have amazing go-all-day battery, its small enough to carry almost anywhere. It's light, and while I may prefer the size that my Toshiba offers, if the HP Mini came in that size, there would be almost no going back - except, of course, for the fact that it cannot play Sims!
So, the combination of all of these things leads me to the conclusion that despite my short comings I was able to find a story that I started in 2012-2013, the one that I worked tirelessly on for months only to come to a complete halt when I went through my HSC and finished high school. It's the story that earned my position of one of six Australians nation-wide to head to Tasmania for a 2 week writer's retreat with best-selling author Ben Kane. It's a story I've thought of, remembering it just a few days ago, and found it on my Nan's HP Mini. Funnily enough, it is the longest story by far, stretching to 75k words and it's mid-way through the climax! The title? Veins. Another duology, it features a post-apocalyptic world of a different kind from the Clarity Duology but is definitely one of my favourite stories I've ever written - which is something considering I usually lose that feeling after 50k words of any of my stories! I will let you all know a bit more later when I've reread it, remembered what I was up to and potentially, I may even bring it out before or around the same time as the Clarity Duology! We shall see what happens!

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