Thursday, August 14, 2014

Two new things to post.

'Thing' #1: I have bad news. Due to the fact I'm working pretty much full time now between two job, I'm unable to meet my deadline of the 1st of September for Frost. It is devastating, I know. Trust me, I want this book out just as bad as you! I'm still writing, but slower now, which means it'll push the deadline for Tempest until later, too. I hate this news! Which brings me to...
'Thing' #2: I am having a go at creating Book Looks after stumbling upon My Fashion Obsessed Look Book linked here. After finding all of their fabulous Book Looks inspired by beautiful books and having them create a Book Look for Ice, I'm deciding to have a go myself - and it's fun! I love the creativity and the whole collage-like feeling that is open for anyone to enjoy! I officially love Polyvore!
Below is my first creation, which was automatically uploaded to my blog at the time of creation. Enjoy!

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