Sunday, December 15, 2013

'Glass Bones': Acceptance into a Book Store and Newspaper Article!

On Thursday morning, 12th of December, I travelled to Scone with my Pop in order to scope out an indie book store. Not only did they accept my novel later in early 2014 when I plan to sell 'Glass Bones' in paperback, but they also gave me details for the local radio station and suggested contacting the Scone Advocate - who are now working on a newspaper article about me! The owner of the book store also checked out my paperback copy of my novel I had on hand and said that he is impressed - especially being only 18-years-old and having done everything by myself and completely from scratch! He was impressed with the publishing house I had gone through - - because of their high quality, thicker pages and beautifully printed cover. He commended me on my artistic ability and even said he'll place it on the front shelf, in full view of everyone. He told me my cover has good, strong colours and though it is simple, is eye-catching and definitely looks to be a great read!
So, in all, I:

  • Am going to be selling my novel 'Glass Bones' in paperback in a N.S.W book store!
  • Was complimented on my novel by the book store owner!
  • Am being placed in the newspaper!
  • Have contacts in radio - meaning I should score an on-air appearance sometime in the New Year.
  • Am considering doing a Christmas freebie of my Glass Bones. (Probably from December 24 - January 1.)
In addition, when walking into the Scone Advocate, I met the mayor and he commended me on my literary efforts and even took some advert flyers from me! Not only that, most of Scone, N.S.W. will soon know exactly who I am and my book, Glass Bones!
Lastly, I am happy to announce I have returned to planning after my novel from NaNoWriMo 2013 and am highly glad to say that I have a trilogy planned for 2014 - incorporating mermaids, magic, mythology and typical young adult elements. I'm not going to reveal much more than that at this point, but I'm more excited about this than my standalone novel, Glass Bones!
If I don't get a chance to later, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone! I'm off to sky diving on December 22nd! Feel free to comment your own plans. In the New Year I will be attempting to organise a special release of my new trilogy at a couple of local libraries and do some live signings - if I can! I've never been more happy!

Seasons Greetings To All!
    - M.S. Watson :)

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