Sunday, December 23, 2012

Smashwords, Self-Publishing & Christmas! :D

Wow, Christmas is just around the corner! It's truly amazing to see how different things are for me here in such a little old town, tucked in the middle of nowhere. I have excellent news too: almost up to 500 views! For those of you that utilize the internet daily, you may not think that this is such a great achievement and that I could have so many more, or you may think that what I have to say is a load of rubbish, but for me at just 500 that's massive! That's like a high school full of people all reading what I have to say!
   Speaking of high school, it's scary to admit that I'm going into my final year. The only thing I am truly happy for is the freedom once it's complete. But I prefer high school, with its fabulous teachers, and high school romance - something I never thought I'd have the pleasure of experiencing. It is now, as I am growing older, that I no longer focus the creation of my novels on high school experiences and characters averaging the age of sixteen. In under three months I will be turning eighteen, and with that comes a level of maturity that my earlier novels and high school experience - or lack thereof - was unable to express.
   On one of my favourite notes of recent times, I have been introduced by chance to the eBook publisher, Smashwords. I have officially signed up, however, I am waiting until the completion of my latest novel, Veins, before I am to publish through Smashwords. I think it's a truly brilliant tool that should be utilized for any aspiring authors looking for an opportunity in the market without paying hundreds of dollars, the use of an agent - although it sounds very James Bond-like - or toiling through the junk pile of the big shots. Look out for the novel Veins by M.S. Watson at some time during January-March, 2013.
   Next: 21st of December, 2012. Otherwise known to me as World Fools Day, for those who just couldn't wait until April 1st. To think that people still believe that the world will end every time there is a 'philosophical event' is laughable. Even if the world was to end, why bother freaking out over it? Nonetheless, I survived the onslaught of the undead!
   So, what to talk about next... Grandparents! It has recently come to my attention a high volume of people posting statuses about grandparents they clearly ignored during their time on earth and regretted not spending any quality time with them. Therefore, today I have dedicated my own time to devising a list of ways in which to spend this time with those who still are breathing on this earth. In my next post, I will be placing these gift and quality time ideas in order for you, yourself, to spend time with your grandparents this holiday season and beyond. Make sure you stay tuned for them!
   And finally, Christmas. So we survived the apocalypse - and watched 2012 on Youtube in French - but what is next? Next, we celebrate the day in which we all come together to spend time with our loved ones. I may not be religious in that I don't celebrate Jesus' birthday, but I do believe that it is a time for appreciation. Spending time with your loved ones this season is key. Especially after the Newtown massacre. Rest in peace, dearest innocents, young and old. ♥ The moral of this point is that you never know how much time you have left with your loved ones, whether it is you to leave, them or not at all. The world doesn't discriminate with those chosen as victims for freak accidents, killings and death. So celebrate with your family, don't worry about work or when you'll get the next pay rise. Appreciate the time and love of your family and friends. Make someone smile. It may just save their life.
   Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year One & All.
  ♥  And a very special shout out. ♥

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