Saturday, February 11, 2012

52 Week Short Story Writing Challenge - #14

Background: So I’m bored right now, waiting for 2 o’clock to come so I can go to work but what better time than this to do my 14th short story. All I’ve got running through my head right now is ‘angel, angel, angel’ since I’ve been reading a lot of angel stories so I may as well get it out of my mind and into readable words. I really don’t know what I’m going to write – since I write the story backgrounds mostly before I start the stories – so be kind. :)

Short Story #14 – All Around

Miranda stiffened, looking down at the boyfriend who had cheated yet begged for a second chance, a small blue box open with a silver diamond-embedded ring inside. He had his other hand around hers, green eyes sparkling as she paused in the door of her car. They were in the employee parking lot at his multi-million dollar campaigning business, the knees of his expensive black suit dusty as he knelt.
Please,” he pleaded. Miranda glanced away from Derek, seeing something shining in her peripheral vision. Yet when she looked, there wasn’t anyone around; the parking lot was all but abandoned as people headed home for the evening. She looked down at Derek again and shook her head, pulling her hand from his grasp.
No,” she said. “I cannot marry someone like you. I need someone who I can rely on, who won’t cheat on me.” Derek kept pleading but Miranda was already inside the expensive BMW, flicking the central locking and listening to the faint rev as the engine started. She reversed, speeding away as Derek rose to his feet and started flinging crude words at her retreating tail lights.
The tyres spun as Miranda sped out of the parking lot and onto the road, merging with the thickness of traffic congestion. She sighed and switched on the radio, the BMW crawling forward; she considered parking it on the side of the road and walking home when a vehicle plunged into the traffic behind her. It was massive, built like a pickup but the way it ploughed was more like a tank.
It crawled closer, plastic and metal screeching as vehicles were tossed carelessly aside. Miranda watched as it got closer, her hands frantically trying to free her from the seatbelt. It stuck fast, refusing to give as she shoved at it. She whimpered with fear, the headlights of the pickup glaring at her through the rear vision mirror. The last remaining vehicles were pushed aside, the pickup bearing down on the BMW and Miranda glimpsed Derek in the driver’s seat.
The BMW shuddered as the pickup slammed into it, crushing its framework and spraying smashed glass everywhere. Miranda cried out, shielding her head with her arms and suddenly someone’s arms were around her. The seatbelt and interior of the vehicle disappeared from around her and for a moment she knew how it felt to fly, the wind rushing by.
She managed to wrench her eyes open and she glanced up, gasping when her eyes fell on a being of pure light. He was probably several feet fall, a tumble of brown hair falling artfully across his forehead. Wizened blue eyes shone with light as they fixed on Miranda’s brown ones, fair skin over high cheekbones. Not a flaw touched the figure; no wrinkles.
She looked down and whimpered, curling closer; they were higher than she’d ever been. The air was thin but the angel held her tightly, flying without a single short breath. He held her as though she weighed nothing more than a feather, skin smooth under her fingertips as she tightened her arms around his neck. From up here they were higher than the clouds, giving them an uninterrupted view of the stars.
You are safe now,” he said, soaring through the clouds with an eerie silence. Miranda couldn’t stop staring at him. He smiled slightly. “Shut your eyes.” She obeyed him, feeling the wind against her cheeks and the soaring through her ears.
When he spoke again she could hear his smile. “You will wake in your home,” he murmured in her ear. “You will know that this really happened but you will never tell a soul. Sleep now.” And suddenly she felt consciousness evade her, leaving her like silverfish between her fingertips. A rushing blackness took her over, a small flicker at the end of it. She rushed toward it, reaching out with both fingers…
and woke.

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