Tuesday, January 10, 2012

52 Week Short Story Writing Challenge - #9

Background: So my writers block continues and I truly have no idea what to write, I apologize. This is just something I scraped up from the remnants of creativity in my mind, a short story of an evil woman with the intent of gaining power but gaining something so much more valuable.

Short Story # - Crystal
Azaria looked at the crystal in her palm, the twinkling surface and the power it represented. She chose not to look at the mundane bodies that littered the ground around her, their decaying bodies rotting in the dark alley. Fifteen of them to try and protect the crystal she’d tried so hard to obtain. She heard him before he stepped to her side, the insider who had helped her retrieve the gem.
Are you pleased now, milady?” Domnicus murmured; his breath a cloud of whiteness on the blackened air of evening. Even the streetlamps appeared to be choked by the darkness. Azaria trailed a pale white hand down his arm, lacing her fingers through his. They looked like the sun and the moon, his skin sun-bronzed whilst hers resembled the whiteness of the moon’s face.
Indeed I am,” she said, gazing into the crystal. Domnicus said something but she couldn’t hear him, a rushing noise blocking out the night. The crystal burst into a sudden bright light, blinding Domnicus and forcing him to his knees but the light was somehow caressing Azaria. In the crystal she saw the nightmares she always suffered, the childhood she had learned to bury in the recesses of her mind.
The abuse that had led her to searching for the crystal and its power.
Azaria gasped as the light found the veins in her wrists and started filling her, killing her. Her inner wounds healed and light shone through her skin, her veins pure white. All of the darkness vanished, the pain too and she found herself lying on her back, gazing up at the sky. Her eyelids were heavy and as she shut them to the world she was released from the weight she hadn’t realized was there.
The angel of death had come to claim her, the crystal too much to bear.

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