Saturday, December 31, 2011

52 Week Short Story Writing Challenge - #7


     This is similar to a novel I've been writing recently as a gift to one of my friends. It doesn't have much of an ending; I'm not really inspired much today. Enjoy!

Short Story #7: The Doll
     The porcelain doll was sitting atop the shelf of my locker, smiling down at me. Her curls of golden hair matched mine, gold-green eyes glistening lifelessly. So many years and I still couldn't live without her. She wore a dress of pure white, a veil pinned back in her hair. I didn't understand why she had to be a wedding doll, or why my life was tied to her presence.
What's this?” a male voice called from behind. I caught only a glimpse of the guy before he snatched the doll away and lifted it higher than I could reach. I frowned at him, a footballer two feet taller than me. He had the tanned skin, the faultless blue eyes and the attention of every cheerleader in the hall. “Does Becca need a little dollie?”
A crowd started forming as students and staff paused in going to their next class. I reached for the antique doll but the guy threw her to another footballer, snatching her from midair. They travelled down the crowded hall, the increased distance between my body and hers making me weak at the knees. My movements became sluggish, my breathing laboured.
Aw man!” one exclaimed, tripping through a group of girls. The doll went skidding, landing hard against the black sneaker of the new guy, Jaython. He bent down and grabbed it, sweeping aside his blonde fringe and he fixed his gaze on me. A small smile appeared at the edge of his lips and he glared at the footballers. Gathering their numbers they sauntered up to him and stared him down.
You've got something of ours,” the taller one said. Jaython laughed, pulling on one of the tight black sleeves of his shirt. He didn't have the bulging muscles the footballers shared but as I got closer I could see there was something strange and powerful about him. The shorter of the guys reached for the doll but Jaython moved it out of their way.
The taller guy reached for the front of Jaython's shirt but he moved back, snapping a hand down and a loud crack resounded through the hall. The people around us froze in surprise as the guy stepped back, clutching his now-broken fingers.
Come on,” Jaython said, grabbing my hand. He pulled me down the hall as the teachers tried to chase us, zipping through crowds. We made it to the end of the hall, turned left and burst through the doors leading outside. We ran across the car lot and into the nearby park, only stopping when Jaython was sure we wouldn't be followed.
He released my hand and we started walking, catching our breaths. Looking down at the doll he smiled and passed her to me. I grabbed her immediately, the strength filling me the moment my skin touched the porcelain of her tiny body. Jaython wore a perplexed expression as he stuffed his hands in his jeans pockets.
What's so great about the doll anyway?” he said. I looked at him, studied his features. His expression was open, kind. I almost choked; no one ever looked at me like that when they discovered my doll. I looked down at the slight smattering of freckles she wore, so much like mine. I looked back up at him.
My life depends on her.” He smiled, revealing perfect white teeth and two long fangs on either side of his upper jaw. I gaped at him.
I guess we're both a little bit... different,” he said, his fangs causing a lisp. “If I had of rid you of the doll I wouldn't have you now.” I looked at him fearfully but his fangs retreated and he grasped my waist gently, turning me toward him. With my face cupped in his hands he bent down and kissed me, filling me with a strength so surreal it forced the doll from my hands. With my hands free I wound them around his neck and pulled him closer.
Suddenly I broke away, gasping for air. He smiled as he rested his forehead against mine. Just realizing, I looked down at my feet and found that the doll was no longer there. I broke away, looking frantically but the doll was gone. Jaython chuckled, placed his hands around my waist and pulled me close.
It's okay,” he said. “She was your guardian, around until your soulmate arrived.”

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